Wednesday, 20 May 2015

An Unexpected Discovery

This image does not do the real location any justice. I was recently in the Eastern Cape. Whilst I was there I went on a walk and found this incredible place. A little bit of background on this pool - This pool is on top of a rock. I know! A rock; the wonderful product of many years of rain and wind erosion. The pond is about six meters deep and is home to fish and other organelles.

I was truly blessed to have decided it was a good idea to take my camera on a walk even though I was advised that it was not the brightest idea, and that often a storm would just appear out of no where and you would be flooded with a torrential down pour of clean mountain water.

I came over a hill and this is what greeted me on the other side of the incredible location in which i saw so many reflections that i was overwhelmed with the utter aw of the location itself and how it could be here and so untouched.

This incredible place is located on an amazing farm by the name of Balloch - it is in Barkley East which is in the Eastern Cape.

If you are wanting to experience this place and many more picture perfect moments.

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