Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Wow, it really has been a while since I have posted anything. But I think that needs to change. I have been so that my best excuse? No, sadly not - it seems I haven't taken the time I should have to post things. 

So I have turned over a new sheet. 

I have decided not to just post pictures now, but interesting topics I have come into contact with through my day, or week. No teenage issues. But issues I think need to be discussed -  positive and negative ones I must say. 

So where to start that is my questions...At school you are always told to "write about what you know", but what is it that i do know? Write from an experience or memory, create a new world for the reader or in my case the marker of your piece to escape and understand the world you are currently living in. But do i really want someone knowing about a personal experience? The special moment that I hold close? You could counter that by saying write about something you are willing to share. But do you really just want to write for marks? 

I have been debating this question in my head for some time and thought maybe writing it down would help. The irony. I also believe a blog is something anyone can put anything - Freedom of Speech? To kind of get side tracked i remember watching a series (Awkward) Its about this girl 'Jenna' and her life with friends, school, boys, social, family, and all those other over used underpaid topics that we all know and love. But the thing that struck me about this one fictional character is the way she wrote everything down about her experiences on a blog. Her utter disregard for others privacy was astounding and quite humorous, did she think no one read? So i decided to follow, gingerly, in her strange path. No I'm not going to expose dirty dark secrets of the people i know like a new age Gossip Girl, there shall be no "xoxo"at the end of my pieces. Until there is. Naa, I'm just playing with you. I will however bring up interesting things I have heard... no names, of course. 

After that ramble on about this and that...

I conclude this rather mismatched entry with this...
           Life is not about the amount of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away.